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brane. If the fluid contains a substance which can not pass through the

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teristic burning, gnawing or twisting pain is present, accom-

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B. w. Abbott and II. P. Walcott, of the Massachusetts State

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tains and here his interest in botany was aroused and

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Not only did the animals show no symptoms while in the box, but

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three years, carefully noting the effect upon the soil.

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the feci have not unfrequently caused the head of the femur to be

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face sallow, expression dull and heavy, tongue dry and

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Ovariectomy and Tuberculosis. — To have these two con-

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fibro-serous membrane was glued to the heart. The external wall

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monomania has given rise to conduct as strange, as would have been an attempt,

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teristic phenomena than those presented in this condition,

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right foot. This brings him on his knees; hold him as steady as

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soda or lime is good, so is boracic or carbolic acid, also sulphuric or sulphu-

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other States in a more fatal form. It is characterized by

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as the peculiarities of the prostate in a given case may require, is in the

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sleep within half an hour after doses of from 45 to 75 grs.

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ACT III — Central Police Station, on Saratoga Street, 11 P. M.

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immunity is the small size of many supernumerary ribs, and compensatory

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mucous membrane were covered with thick, dull layers of exudate.

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on the tissues. This organism is the B. perfringens, a large rod with

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Make powders No. iij ; ordered one every three hours ; also,

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gristmill and the woolen factory for the old methods of grinding, spin-

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pleocytosis is seen in meningitis, neurosyphilis and

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diseases ; often the system had become much relaxed and debili-

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are combined with one another in a variety of ways ; but it

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iodine (about nine-tenths), that it might be apt, when employed as freely as

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1,132 deaths from diphtheria, 663 from measles, and

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that they may be acted upon by the gastric juice. A good

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enough to build sanatoria ; it was even more impor-

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abscess drainage, and cyst and pseudocyst drainage.*’

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pelvis or of the bladder, never happens as the result of an affec-

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that they are strong, and average six feet in height. Both sexes are well-

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of sweating or of tremor. At first she went on well,

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2. Five-year findings of the hypertension detection and


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